New Gallery

Berns purchased the northern portion of the Twin Motel, located at 1770 N. Tamiami Trail, which following restoration and creation of offices and retail, obtained Sarasota’s first historical designation as a motel, which was the second such designation in the State.
Most recently, the building has been repurposed and dedicated to Berns’ photography studio and gallery of his work. This new space houses both Studio 41, a fine art photography business, as well as, 3 museum rooms, a Sarasota history and memorabilia room, a camera and photography memorabilia room, and a 5000 toy car collection. Fourteen rooms of the hotel have been turned into galleries connected by passage ways, allowing the visitor to move between the former motel rooms, which are now refitted as gallery space.
Each room exhibits sets of photographs from individual geographic areas including, Berns’ Directors Series, Egypt and Israel, NYC (World Trade Center 9/7/01) and Coney Island, Albuquerque Balloon Festival, Photography Memorabilia, Fine Art, Cuba, Machu Picchu, Amazon River Cruise, Sarasota, Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Batswana, Namibia). The effect is akin to a walking tour through some of the world’s most celebrated sites, and if the visitor is lucky, Berns might tag along and enhance the tour with his fascinating historical commentary.

-Studio 41

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