The Museum Rooms




The Studio 41 Museum Rooms 


Each of the museum rooms contains the most important and significant parts of my life . The things that I enjoy to do . The things that now, and really always have filled and still do fulfill my life with joy and give it meaning. Those 3 things are Photography, Automobiles and History . The only other thing that gives my life meaning is Real Estate.. I made my living doing a type of Real Estate that I actually enjoyed doing ( and still enjoy doing to this day )     ~    Berns


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The Photography Museum Room:

My love and enjoyment of Photography stems from my appreciation of art. I enjoy looking at and learning about all art mediums. Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Statues and even all the different types of Furniture that has evolved in different cultures throughout the centuries. I have taken many art , drawing and painting classes over the years, but I realized that Photography is what I am best at. My eyes and brain see perspective and composition immediately . I can then translate that into a picture that people seem to appreciate. So a photography memorabilia and camera museum room is a natural progression for me to want to collect and share with others.




The Toy Car Museum Room:

My father was one of the first persons to separate a particular form of auto repair into a distinctive specialty business in 1937. A Brake and Front End specialty shop. When I was a child, he would take me on some Saturdays to the shop to help ( sweep the floors, etc ). I still remember the sights and smells that the oils , grease and brake fluid chemicals gave off. When I got a little older, on those Saturdays, he would teach me how to perform certain parts of car brake repair and also how to make new brake shoes from rolls of asbestos . As a matter of fact, when we would go on a family trip, my sister and I would play a game as to who could name a particular passing car the fastest. Unfortunately, while I was in college , my father had a heart attack , so my mother sent me to run the shop.which I did during the day, and finish college at night. I took over and through many hours and hard work, I built up a very large and successful business, until I sold it and started in my Real Estate career . While being in this auto repair business , I fell in love with all the different types, makes and styles of the cars. From there, collecting toy cars became an extension hobby to show for myself and share with the public all the different styles and makes of cars that were actually built and seen on our highways.


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The Sarasota History Museum Room:

When I was growing up, if you gave me 2 books to read, one fiction, and one non fiction ( biography or history ) I would always choose the biography or history book. So my love of history has always been with me throughout my life. When I moved to Sarasota, I started to realize what an interesting history of people and places that came to make up Sarasota as it is today. I also realized that Sarasota’s population seemed to change every 20 years or so, mainly because Sarasota was a place in the United States that elderly people could retire to. But after 20 years, or so, they would pass away, but always a new generation of retirees would move in. That being the case, the history of Sarasota would seem to get lost from one generation to another. I started studying Sarasota’s history on my own, but then found the Historical Society of Sarasota County and the Alliance for the Preservation of Sarasota. From there, as I learned more and more, I became President of the HSOSC and 7 year Treasurer of the Alliance. With this background, I started collecting Sarasota actual memorabilia while taking pictures of Sarasota throughout the years. As I have now been living in Sarasota for about 30 years, I have collected much memorabilia. Now I have a room in the motel dedicated to be just Sarasota so locals, snowbirds and visitors can actually enjoy and learn from….

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